Choral Boosters was established in 2020 to help make our vocal programs even stronger and we invite you to join Choral Boosters today! Membership levels range from $30 – $250 and with those membership fees, you are guaranteeing that singing will remain strong even in these “unusual times.”

Becoming a Choral Booster also opens the door for your student to have access to affordable private voice or piano lessons. These lessons are available virtually or in-person. They reasonably priced with partial scholarships available as needed.

We will continue to do everything necessary to keep music safe at all FCCPS levels.  But while our choir programs inevitably are being influenced by the current circumstances, they will not be defeated by them! 

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Keep FCCPS strong!  Keep FCCPS singing! 
Join Choral Boosters today!


It’s almost time for delivery of our beautiful poinsettias! If you ordered plants, here are the ways to get them from Meridian High School, where they will be delivered:   
– If you plan to attend one of the Middle School choir concerts on December 14, come to the Meridian cafeteria to pick up your plants before or after you hear your child’s grade sing. Poinsettias will be sorted alphabetically by last name on the order.  
– If you plan to attend the High School concert on December 15, pick up your plants after the concert since they will be decorating the stage for the concert.  
– If you do not plan to attend the middle or high school choir concerts, please pick up your plants 3:00 -8:00 pm on December 14 in the high school cafeteria.  
– If you are unable to choose any of the options above, please contact Beth Neal to make other arrangements.
Thank you for your support and enjoy your beautiful poinsettias throughout the holiday season!

Parents of choir students: CLICK HERE to pay the annual choral fee.