Now that everyone has settled into the new school year and we all can start thinking about things beyond technology and strange new schedules, we’re here to remind you about one of the things that makes FCCPS schools so special: the music that happens here!  From Mt. Daniel Elementary through George Mason High School, we are blessed with energetic, engaged and talented choir teachers who help bring all the benefits of singing to our students.

Choral Boosters was established as an official School Affiliated Organization last year to help make our vocal programs even stronger and we invite you to join Choral Boosters today!  The cost can be minimal (from $15 to $250 memberships) and with those membership fees, you are guaranteeing that singing will remain strong even in these “unusual times.”

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Click here to see how your purchases can support the Choral Boosters through the Amazon Smiles Program.

Becoming a Choral Booster also opens the door for your student to have access to affordable private voice or piano lessons. Right now these lessons are virtual and synchronous with instructors already experienced in long-distance training.  Eventually, when it’s safe again, lessons will return to an in-person, on-campus, after-school status, reasonably priced with partial scholarships available as needed.

Be sure to check out the EVENTS page to see our Fundraisers and Concerts.


Anyone who has ever sung in a choir or a show knows that singing virtually can’t match the energy and camaraderie that singing together brings. We will continue to do everything necessary to keep music safe at all FCCPS levels.  But while our choir programs inevitably are being influenced by the current circumstances, they will not be defeated by them!  The shows must — and will — go on!  Mickey’s Music Spectacular in October; a “pyramid” virtual Winter concert with TJ, MEH and GM choirs all participating; Broadway Desserts in January – these and more are all returning this school year. So join Choral Boosters now!

There you’ll find a membership form with payment options, a separate registration form to request private voice lessons, learn how to follow Ms. Sample on Twitter, view a video showing what you might expect in our voice lessons; and additional information about some of our upcoming programs and fundraisers.

Keep FCCPS strong!  Keep FCCPS singing! 
Join Choral Boosters today!