Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, the Choral Boosters must pay a rental fee for the classroom where private lessons are taught. To help offset this expense, the Choral Boosters requests that students’ families contribute $25 each semester for each 30-minute lesson taken weekly by a member of their family.

  • Example 1: A family with two students who are each taking a 30-minute voice lesson and a 30-minute piano lesson every week would pay $100 in room rental fees each semester.
  • Example 2: A family with one student taking a 45-minute piano lesson every week would enter “1.5” for the number of 30-minute lessons and pay $37.50 in room rental fees each semester.

You can pay the fee electronically using the form below, or contact the Choral Boosters for instructions on mailing a check.

If this fee or the cost of lessons is a financial hardship, families are encouraged to contact the Choral Boosters at to inquire about scholarship assistance.