The Big Sing In addition to Meridian and Mary Ellen Henderson, this multi-school event, scheduled for September 25, includes Falls Church High, Justice High, and Glasgow, Poe, and Jackson Middle Schools.   Clinicians who specialize in particular styles or voice types instruct students, and technique is polished in the large group.  This event is non-auditioned and there is no fee for student participants. Hosting this year at Meridian, Choral Boosters will provide logistical support, snacks and costs of guest clinicians. 

Fall & Spring Concerts Choral Boosters provide logistical support for the regular Choir concerts performed by Oak Street Elementary, Mary Ellen Henderson Middle and Meridian High school students (December 9, 14, 15, May 4, 12, June 6). Choral Boosters funds support the awards given at the end of each school year.

Pyramid Concert Choral Boosters will provide logistical support for the first-ever concert combining all three levels of FCCPS choirs on March 15.  This pre-assessment concert will showcase numbers prepared for assessments conducted the following weekend.

Assessments, Auditions & District Chorus Funds raised by FCCPS Choral Boosters help cover audition and other costs associated with District and VMEA Honors Choruses, State Chorus, High School & Middle School Assessments.  Additionally, this year’s high school District Chorus will be hosted at Meridian on February 10-12, at which Choral Boosters will offer logistical support.